JV-IT TECHS CO.,LTD is a part of the ... Industry. JV-IT TECHS CO.,LTD has ... Related companies. The information on assets, liabilities và shareholders equity are fluctuating years on years....

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JV-IT TECHS CO.,LTD is located at 108 Tran Minh Quyen, Ward 11, 10 District, Ho bỏ ra Minh City, Vietnam
Company Identification


Board of Directors/Shareholders

Description of business operation

Key financial data ofONE latest available fiscal year

Company Identification


Board of Directors

Lines of busines

Full financial data &Analysis (Key ratiossuch as: Liquidity Ratios, ActivityRatios, Leverage ratios..)

Latest updated available information

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Company Identification


Board of Directors/Shareholders

Lines of business và Detail Business Operation in details

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Financial ratios of it financial activities

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