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Cash withdrawals are disabled at this location, you can still buy cryptocurrency here.

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Status and feedback

Operator"s response:

March 9, 2021

Hi. Thank you for your positive sầu feedbachồng. We are happy to let you know that we now have sầu a btm in District 7 ( Tân Phong area). It allows purchase of Bitcoin only, but it accepts banknotes 4 times faster than our previous generation of BTMs. Here"s the liên kết to lớn it

Operator"s response:

August 8, 20đôi mươi

Dear Nigel, you are misinforming the users of As we (1) write on the display before every transaction, (2) advised all customers via our Facebook page và Telegram, (3) explained khổng lồ you previously, the amount of BTC you will get = the amount of BTC bought - miner/withdrawal fee (public blockchain fee, no markup).The fee now is $6. If you deposit $7 in cash, we"ll skết thúc $7 in BTC, you"ll get $1 in BTC và miners will get $6. If you deposit $500, you"ll get $494 in your wallet.

June 30, 20trăng tròn

Btm is good and stable hope bitcoin vn continue operate the btm at 290 ly tu trong

Operator"s response:

July 1, 20trăng tròn

Thank you for your positive sầu feedback!Unfortunately, the owner of that property has made our partner, Italiani"s Pizza, move sầu out from the premises. As a result, we had to lớn take our Bitcoin ATM away.We are exploring some alternatives in the area though. We will update our Facebook & Telegram channels once we avail that Bitcoin ATM lớn the public again. Hope to serve sầu you again soon at the Han Thuyen or any of our other locations!

June 25, 20đôi mươi

The BTM handling my buy order really fast but the fees are really high! (Hope Bitcoin Vietnam giới put a BTM in Phu My Hung in near future)

Operator"s response:

June 26, 2020

Thank you! We charge the lowest fees in the Bitcoin ATM industry of c. 6-7% on average, because we want to promote the usage of cryptocurrency in Vietnam giới. Ever since our first Bitcoin ATM launch in năm ngoái, we have sầu always been the cheapest Bitcoin ATM provider in Vietphái mạnh.We used to lớn host an ATM in District 7, however due to its unpopularity we had lớn move sầu it lớn a more central location. :(We would still take your feedback in mind when we decide on new locations! Hope to lớn serve sầu you again soon!

February 5, 2020

The BTM is really slow when I put the cash in khổng lồ buy BTC. Also the fees is really high & the buy and sell rate are not the best in the market.

Operator"s response:

February 5, 2020

Hi,The machine is only accepted cash one by one. We know this will take a while và will affect your experience during the use. But right now this is the only option we can get from BitAccess (software + hardware). We have plans to lớn improve this, however it might take time khổng lồ vì because of the current công nghệ.About the fee, we can proudly say that we provide one of the best fee on btm machine right now.Thanks for your feedbaông xã. We are happy to serve sầu you again :D

January 6, 20trăng tròn

cant sell bitcoin lớn it. filler filler filler filler

Operator"s response:

January 6, 2020

Hi,So sorry for this.Because of the big sale yesterday. the machine is now ran out of money. we will try to lớn refill it asap.Thanks

January 5, 2020

good daytrying to lớn usebut sms dont come i couldnt use itneed a help no staff

Operator"s response:

January 6, 20trăng tròn

Hi, sorry for this inconvenience.Our SMS from the machine is now temporarily blocked by the Vietphái nam Carriers (Mobifone, Viettel, etc..) because it is related to lớn cryplớn. If you are a foreigner và you still have sầu your non-vietnamese phone number, you can use it on the machine. OR you can Gọi tư vấn between 10am-10pmWe will try khổng lồ have alternative ways for this.Thanks for your feedbaông chồng :)

October 6, 2019

works fine. but you need a vn Smartphone phone number and have sầu khổng lồ wait for some minutes. printing receipts didn"t work.

February 25, 2019

This machine is always good lớn use when i need to lớn buy và sell bitcoin.

May 5, 2018

it is working well. I have used it 3 times in 2018!

January 8, 2018

machine is still there, but not working for around 7 days. i notified lớn operator a week ago, but so far nothing happened.

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Operator details

Operator"s name: Bitcoin Vietphái nam

Are you operator? Check the danh mục of services we provide.
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City: Ho Chi Minh City

Location: Italiani"s Pizza Han Thuyen

Address:17 Hàn ThuyênBến Nlép, Quận 1Hồ Chí MinhVietnam

mở cửa hours:Mon-Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Bitcoin machine details

ATM Type: BitAccess

Supported coins và fees:

Operator disabled price reporting or information is outdated.

Bitcoin Fees: reporting disabled Fees: reporting disabled
Supported fiat:VNDVND

Limits and verifications: No KYC required for any transaction size

Details: Cryptocurrency machine is installed at Italiani"s Pizza Han Thuyen in Ho Chi Minh City.You can buy & sell BTC for VND here.

ATM interface available in Vietnamese, English, và 5+ other languages. Dedicated English- và Vietnamese-speaking support provided by contacting the number displayed on the BTM (including WhatsApp, Telegram etc).If you would lượt thích lớn buy Bitcoin, please ensure you have sầu the address as a QR code.For further information please visit

WARNING! Have you been suggested a job opportunity và then asked lớn send bitcoins using ATM? Or found a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá, e.g. oto on craigdanh mục, and was asked khổng lồ pay in bitcoins using ATM? You are highly likely a victim of a scam. Read FAQ for details!


Reference:ồ Chí Minh/Ho Chi Minch City/17 Hàn Thuyên

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