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Such great heights
Marina Bay Sands SkyPark infinity pool overlooking the Singapore skyline in the day. Pholớn by Andrew Tan

A view of the infinity pool on the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, overlooking the Singapore skyline at night. Pholớn by Andrew Tan


Giant observation deông xã

This gravity-defying platsize is one of the largest in the world. The 1.2-hectare SkyPark stretches longer than the Eiffel Tower laid down and is large enough to lớn park four và a half A380 Jumbo Jets.

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It houses a ticketed observation deông chồng, lush gardens, top-notch restaurants & an exclusive sầu, infinity-edge swimming pool with a legendary view.

The 150-metre pool, the world’s largest elevated toàn thân of water outdoors, has been designed with a vanishing edge. It is as if there is nothing between the swimmer và the skyscrapers in front of them.

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Those taking a dip feel like they are swimming amuốn the clouds, perched so high in the sky with the most majestic scenery at their feet. However, only khách sạn guests can swlặng in the pool & enter the SkyPark free of charge.

Magnificent views

Visitors not staying at the hotel can buy tickets lớn the Sands SkyPark Observation Dechồng, which offers you unobstructed 360-degree views of the Singapore skyline.

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Dine at LAVO Italian Restaurant & Rooftop Bar or savour a cocktail at CÉ LA VI—located atop the Sands SkyPark—và witness an unforgettable panoramic view of the Singapore skyline.

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