Hold là gì

When two people hold hands, one person holds the other person"s hand, especially to show that they love each other:

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She"s on the phone at the moment - will you hold (the line) (= wait on the phone until she can speak lớn you)?
When two people hold hands, each one takes the other person’s hand in his or her hand, esp. To lớn show affection.
< M > I can’t fasten this skirt unless I hold my stomach in (= keep it tight with my muscles so that it does not stick out).

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Someone on the telephone who asks you to hold wants you lớn wait until that person or someone else can speak to you:
hold a position/job/post Before taking his present post, he held the position of chief financial regulator.
hold a patent The world"s largest biotech firm holds patents on the DNA sequences of thousands of varieties of grain.
hold stocks/supplies We hold large stocks of all these items, và are generally able khổng lồ guarantee next-day delivery.

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to be in a strong position when you are competing with someone else, because you have all the advantages:
He currently holds the reins at one of the fastest growing sản phẩm điện thoại communications businesses in the country.
a suggestion that someone should not sell the shares that they own in a company, but that they should not buy any new shares:
and by all indications, they"d both been holding back a number of punches they were itching khổng lồ throw.
& if you aren"t planning on visiting the museum this weekend, that first travel tip still holds true.
They don"t buy everything he says, but he seems lớn hold out some hope that their lives will be different.
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