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Vietnam has been an economic hotspot of late, being a major beneficiary of the China-US trade dispute across all industries. The influx of cash has led to lớn a surge in crypto investment in the area.

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The situation sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have khổng lồ be! This article will highlight the best way lớn purchase cryptocurrencies in Vietnam.

How to lớn Buy Crypto in Vietnam

To buy cryptos in Vietnam, one needs to deposit their Vietnamese Dong in a crypto wallet and use a crypto exchange platform or decentralized exchange. Only through an exchange operator can one purchase cryptos.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading in Vietnam

Vietnam has shown tremendous growth in crypto usage, ranking 2nd out of 74 Asian nations in volume held. Trade-in cryptos are legal within the country’s territory, albeit amid government criticism.

The country lacks any specific mix of laws that govern both the trading as well as issuing of cryptos. However, Vietnamese legislation outlaws initial coin offerings (ICOs) on token sale platforms.

A crypto exchange is a trading platform that matches buyers of cryptocurrencies khổng lồ those selling them. These, unlike traditional exchanges, work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, providing a great experience for users. Some exchanges are merely peer-to-peer networks providing escrow services to their users.

Once a trader has loaded his crypto wallet khổng lồ find his account, he places a ‘buy’ order that goes into the order book. It is then matched with a sell order at a fee, with supply và demand setting the price. Generally, the buy-sell match is based on the current market prices in the crypto industry.

How khổng lồ Choose a Crypto Exchange in Vietnam

There are a number of factors involved in choosing a crypto exchange, such as ease of navigating the site and the security màn chơi of the platform. The types of cryptocurrency supported, và the probable cases of market manipulations in exchanges will also affect your decision-making.

Other notable factors include verification speed, fee cost, & the level of trust the market awards the exchange. Some traders like a variety of payment methods available khổng lồ them as well.

1 #1 Recommended

* is our first pick, and it’s much more than an exchange.

It’s a crypto-banking service that allows you khổng lồ buy, sell, và even spend crypto in stores. You can pay bills in cryptocurrency funds and even earn ongoing passive income by signing up new users to lớn the service.

At the moment, users can buy, store, và spend Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, và Tether.


2 Hotbit


Launched in 2018, Hotbit is among the popular exchanges in the crypto world. It’s based in Shanghai, China, và Taipei, Taiwan. The exchange has switched solely lớn dealing with cryptocurrency exchanges, not accepting fiat deposits or withdrawals.

It charges a trading fee of -0.05% khổng lồ 0.2% of the transacted volume, with an easy-to-use & navigates. The exchange accepts bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), và some 200 others cryptos.

3 Idex


Idex is a decentralized crypto exchange platform that’s based on the Ethereum blockchain. It accepts deposits in tokens and ETH. IDEX is among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges offering services in Vietnam.

It attracts a 0.1% trading fee for makers & 0.2% for takers with a relatively easy-to-use site. The exchange supports ETH, EOS, & more than 60 other cryptos.



Launched in 2017, is a Chinese crypto exchange that’s English & Chinese. It accepts deposits in crypto only và is very easy lớn use. charges a 0.2% transaction fee that decreases with increased trade volume. One can purchase up khổng lồ 150 coins, including BTC và ETH.

CoinBene is a trusted crypto exchange platform that charges a flat 0.1% trading fee on transactions. It only accepts crypto khổng lồ crypto payments & deposits.

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The exchange has a very simple and easy-to-use platform. It supports more than 170 cryptos, with BTC and ETH being notable examples. Coinbene has a short verification process that includes submission và verification of the email address.

With a very easy, user-friendly platform, Bitit is a good crypto exchange. It accepts deposits with a range of payment methods and at least 15 different fiat currencies such as the US dollar (USD) and Euro (EUR).

It attracts a trading fee ranging from 0.25% for instantaneous buying. About 50coins are accepted, including BTC and ETH.

Shapeshift is a vibrant exchange that accepts deposits in cryptos instead of Fiat currencies. It is relatively easy khổng lồ use and navigate. Shapeshift provides users with several methods of payment, including the vastly used debit cards.

There are no charges apart from an under $1 miner fee, instead offering a 30sl second lasting exchange rate. It accepts cryptos such as BTC, ETH, & 45 other cryptos.

The Bitstamp exchange offers a safe way khổng lồ purchase up khổng lồ 7 cryptocurrencies, including BTC và ETH. It stands among the top financial institutions in Vietnam, accepting deposits in cryptos as well as fiat directly from one bank.

The exchange charges a 0.5% trading fee, with it gradually reducing from 10,000 USD onwards. It is easy to use and navigate the site but is however suited for experienced and intermediate users.

Bithumb exchange is an easy-to-use exchange platform thanks to lớn reduced features. It, however, accepts cryptos as the only deposit option. This platform is also able lớn reach international markets serving in many countries globally.

The trading fee is a flat 0.25% of volume. Currently, Bithumb supports a wide variety of the number standing at 30 currently including the famous BTC và ETH.

Huobi is a fast và secure exchange with an easy-to-use platform for all traders. It doesn’t support fiat currencies, accepting deposits in cryptos only. This platform’s customer support team works.

A 0.2% of volume fee on trade is charged, decreasing the increase in volume up to lớn 0.1%. It supports some 200+ cryptos, the key ones being BTC and ETH.

The Indacoin crypto exchange is an impressive way lớn purchase virtual currencies. This platform accepts several payment options, including debit and credit thẻ transfers in fiat. It is quite easy to use & user-friendly và provides an excellent marketplace.

The trading fee charged depends on the transaction method, from 0% for BTC-e code khổng lồ 4% for debit cards & 2.9% for payza. 140 cryptos are supported, including BTC & ETH.

Cryptocurrencies are legal in Vietnam as an asset but are illegal as a medium of exchange. While no specific laws are governing the issuing & selling of cryptos, the government has a ban on ICOs.

Yes, there are Bitcoin machines or ATMs in Vietnam. The latest stats indicate they are present in 11 locations in the country.

The safest place to lớn buy cryptos for beginners is on It is also a safe haven for purchasing bitcoin instantly, with both instances requiring one khổng lồ have a secure device on their part.

On the LocalBitcoin crypto exchange. Users can buy crypto without ID by either paying in cash deposit or meeting in person & buying via cash as the khung of payment. However, this should be carried out at your own risk!

Users can buy certain cryptos, namely, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, directly from their personal or premier PayPal account. All they need to vì is confirm certain information as they make the purchase as guided on their accounts.

We also have guides that give an in-depth look at other countries where cryptocurrency is legal including:

To send Bitcoin, you simply need to copy the address or public key you’re sending money to & paste it into the recipient section.

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This process is guided with on-screen instructions.

To mở cửa a Bitcoin wallet, simply tải về the app for android or ios below!

Spending crypto just got a whole lot easier. Download the tiện ích to see why is the only wallet you’ll ever need.
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