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Kajima Overseas Asia (KOA) is a regional operating arm of Kajima Corporation (since 1840) a leader in the global kiến thiết, construction, & real estate development industry. KOA has its group companies operating in every corner of Southeast Asia; Singapore, Vietphái mạnh, Malaysia, Thái Lan, Indonesia, Philippines and Hong Kong. KOA in Vietnam giới provides the services in 2 major business areas: - Building và Interior Design; - General Construction & Project Management.

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Kiến trúc - Tk thiết kế bên trong, Xây dựng, Thiết kế - Mỹ thuật
Hà Thành, TP HCM
Toàn thời gian cố định và thắt chặt

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Không thử khám phá
Salary Range: NegotiationWork location: Ho Chi Minh office, Ha Noi Office• Age: ~30• Design, đánh giá and coordinate architectural works as per Client’s request throughout the project’s stage: Tender Drawings, Concept Design, Basic Design, Detail Design, As-Built Drawings• Continuously update, following up with the Design Work’s relevant Legal Requirements, Regulations, Standards…;• Liaise with project managers, clients, sub-contractors, material suppliers khổng lồ ensure the construction is in compliance with approved design và specifications, unique, quantity, progress, budget;• Report to lớn Chief Architect for work progress & outstanding issues khổng lồ agree on solutions;• Other duties assigned by Chief Architect from time lớn time.
• Triển knhì bản vẽ kiến thiết, bản vẽ bản vẽ xây dựng, phiên bản vẽ kết cấu bê tông;• Triển knhị bạn dạng vẽ từ bỏ ý tưởng thiết kế• Tạo ra thành phầm công việc chính xác cùng chất lượng cao;• Am gọi về kiến trúc nhà cao tầng, bên xưởng;• Bảo đảm đúng quy trình tiến độ với làm việc một biện pháp công dụng bên dưới sức ép cao;• Thực hiện nay hầu hết nhiệm vụ khác Lúc được cắt cử.• Develop the shop-drawing (working drawing), architectural drawing• Develop design briefs;• Produce accurate & high chất lượng work; • Have sầu good knowledge of high - rise building, factory architecture;• Ensure deadlines are met and work effectively under pressure;• Performs other related duties as assigned;
• Being responsible for the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) supervision at construction site; Supervise, enforce & inspect the implementation of HSE regulations/ policies on construction site;,• Act as a coordinator in the implementation of the labour HSE programs lớn raise the awareness of the workers and engineers, và inspect the performance of labour safety policies at the construction site;• Ensure that all safety requirements are compliance with statutory regulations;• Prepare HSE training, meeting, inspect và handle/ kiểm tra labour HSE reports as required by Superiors;• Evaluate the obedience of the labour safety regulations, risks & unforseen dangers relating khổng lồ labour safety at the construction site;• Performs other related duties as assigned.

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Site Works:• Site setting out và Site supervision;• Detail Design Drawings monitoring & checking;• Directs và manages the daily activities of the site work;• Control Site Manpower và Sub contractor at site as requested;• Ensure all activities with best quality by most saving cost, safety and on time;• Make daily report khổng lồ Chief Engineer/ Construction Manager/ Project Manager;• Coordinate with local sub-contractors;suppliers, consultants during company business;• Guide & tư vấn for necessary management for Safety & Environmental subjects• Performs other related duties as assigned;Office works:• Assisting Superiors in the role of civil engineering sector. This is to lớn be applied within the Company businesses;• Ensure all necessary site coordination with all KViệt Nam staff and subcontractors;• Ensure all necessary detail planning for all coordination;• Guide và Control “Method of Statement” of works khổng lồ be matched with master planning và project policy;• Preparing tender dossiers as assigned;• Performs other related duties as assigned.Other works:• Assisting Project Manager và Superiors in the role of civil engineering sector;• Technical report khổng lồ Project Manager and Superiors in subject of project work;• Handling technical issues raised from project works;• Providing & updating project reports in regular basic;• Construction site visiting & working during execution;

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