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- chăm môn: Hành chính, Nhân sự - mức lương: thỏa thuận hợp tác - khiếp nghiệm: không cần tay nghề - Đừng lo! công ty chúng tôi sẽ đào tạo bạn từ đầu. Tất cả kinh nghiệm là vấn đề cộng!
Klook is Asia’s largest in-destination services booking platform that gives travelers a simple và trusted way khổng lồ conveniently book & enjoy over 30,000 popular attractions, local experiences và services around the world. Klook’s network of over 3,000 direct partners include world famous attractions such as Disneyland, Universal Studios, to lớn locally recognized operators such as Hong Kong’s Ngong Ping 360, thủ đô bangkok Blue Elephant Cooking School, và more. Klook’s unique services have garnered over 1 million verified user review - making Klook one of the đứng đầu trusted travel đánh giá sites.Founded in Hong Kong in 2014, Klook has been recognized by globally-renowned media and awards including Forbes, Deloitte Fast Technology, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, & many others. Klook’s mobile phầm mềm has also been awarded Best of the Year by both Apple ứng dụng Store and Google Play and has been featured over 100 times as the go-to tiện ích for trip planning. With a team of over 400 across 13 offices, Klook’s services are available in 7 languages, supporting over 30 currencies. Klook has amassed close khổng lồ US$100 million investment from renowned investors worldwide.

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What you"ll vì chưng :Manage employee life cycle activities from recruitment, onboarding khổng lồ offboardingDevelop and execute employee engagement plansManage relationships và reporting with relevant government authoritiesMaintain office efficiency by planning & implementing office systems, layouts, and equipment procurementManage and maintain the Local Office và Expense PolicyManage budget và petty cash for office expensesOrganize local events & activitiesFacilitate legal documents handling, such as stamping & signing documents, và submitting the documents lớn relevant partiesReview expense reports in accordance with guidelinesFacilitate business trip arrangements for employeesMaintain stationery, files và inventoriesManage special projects such as office renovation, including vendor và landlord liaisonAny other duties as required và assignedWhat you"ll need:Bachelor degree in Business Administration or Human ResourceStrong interpersonal skills and liaise effectively with both internal và external partiesStrong planning và critical thinking skillsExcellent time management skills and able lớn work in a fast-paced environmentProficiency in business cấp độ English and VietnamesePositive, proactive attitude


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