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About Egretia

Egretia is the world’s first HTML5 Blockchain engine and platform to lớn create an environment of complete, xuất hiện and friendly lớn developers programming Web, Games & Apps. Working in partnership with one of the world’s leading HTML5 developers, Egret Tech, Egretia intends lớn bring a secure, fair, secure and low-cost development ecosystem to lớn the entire community. Developing HTML5 around the world. The vision of the platform is lớn bring 200,000 developers & 1 billion HTML5 Devices to lớn the blockchain technology.

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What is HTML5?

HTML5 is a powerful evolution of HTML, short for Hyper Text Markup Language. The HTML5 technology is globally recognized, & it covers sản phẩm điện thoại games, the internet, advertising, video, and other industries. The technology has eliminated some of the bottlenecks such as performance and traffic compatibility that were common in operation of games. The cross-platform nature of the technology allows it lớn be used in different industries creating entirely new business models. HTML5 with the first version was formed in 2008 but until 2011 officially launched with the most modern technology.

However, at that time many browsers were not promptly changed to support it, so in fact at the time HTML5 was just the target that many Web design companies and browsers are aiming for but not into. Today, most popular browsers lượt thích Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE …. Both tư vấn HTML5. That has created a great revolution for web technology.


HTML5 was released as a worthwhile upgrade khổng lồ address the shortcomings of HTML4 with the following guidelines:

– Less dependent on the plugin for functionality.

– Scripting should be replaced with markup whenever possible.

– Device independent (eg, available on all devices & provide the same experience for the user).

– Announce the development process so everyone can see what’s going on.

HTML5 was born khổng lồ solve the backlog of HTML4

With the advent of HTML5 along with new components và APIs that are slowly replacing technologies like Flash. For applications that require special graphics and motion effects, programmers can use Canvas with bitmap or vector-style SVG. In addition to lớn the kiến thiết of visual website pages, HTML5 is also used lớn create graphics libraries that help create graphical applications, games in both 2D and 3D environments, as well as desktop applications. .


What has HTML5 contributed lớn the gaming industry?

The most special benefit of HTML5 is “device independence”. The difference between programming languages ​​and platforms is that many developers have khổng lồ overcome. And HTML5 is the salvation of the problem. Synchronization in the HTML5 programming language has made the game experience simpler than ever. Users are now able khổng lồ play games on their điện thoại phones, desktops or tablets without any problems. You just need lớn go to lớn the most basic website browser on a điện thoại thông minh or PC & enjoy your favorite game.

Since then, there are many HTML5 games appear, simply have that complex also. Gradually, as the new language is more cared for, the level of sophistication of the hàng hóa is also increasing. One has tried khổng lồ rewrite Quake II with HTML5, & the results are beyond imagination.

Limitations of HTML5

Although the rapid development of this technology và there are many significant improvements but HTML5 for the game industry there are some limitations as follows:

Lack of a global, unified and secure payment platformLack of solutions lớn securely store user’s virtual assets (such as weapons, armor, items, etc.)Lack of mechanism to lớn ensure the fairness of the gameLack of effective protection mechanisms for intellectual property of HTML5 productsNeeds effective mechanisms khổng lồ motivate good teams lớn develop games và high-quality applications.There are a variety of approaches khổng lồ making money from mạng internet commerce through HTML5

Egretia’s solution:

With the collaboration of the Egret công nghệ that is a well-known global HTML5 technology service provider, the Egretia platform has phối up the Egretia Blockchain lab that combines blockchain giải pháp công nghệ with HTML5 giải pháp công nghệ to create the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine that is aimed to lớn apply blockchain công nghệ to vertical industries. It will bring together the egret giải pháp công nghệ 200,000 existing developers and the 1 million mobile terminal devices into the blockchain.

Egretia User Ecosystem:

Based on the amount of nội dung provided by Egret Engine that has covered hundreds of millions of users, Egretia will create a single encrypted passport for each user, which will ensure the security, unique and safe for ecosystem participants.Provides users with a high security digital wallet, which serves as a secure payment platform for all Blockchain HTML5 applications .Creates tokens circulating in HTML5 projects around the world: Egreten.Because of the transparency & irreversibility of the blockchain , as well as the unique passport of each user, throughout the content system built by Egretia, Egretia can accurately describe users, build systems Credit and users can securely communicate with other users in the world in Egretia, make friends & exchange virtual property, etc.Building a sustainable & effective ecosystem for the user.

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Technically, Egretia will have some improvements:

The blockchain function is designed in the form, integrated into the Egret Engine and front-end development tools, including more than 200,000 developers. Bring Egreten token into hundreds of thousands of games and applications, including more than 1 billion users around the world.Integrate blockchain technology into a more reliable back-end service, using node servers around the world lớn deliver HTML5 products with fast communications solutions và reliable contract management hệ thống logic. .Egretia will create a complete development kit, documentation và development community to provide the most complete, convenient và cost-effective ecosystem .

About operating the system:

Egretia has a world-class team of game distributors & applications through the existing Egret gaming platform with 40 million monthly active users, operating content that integrates the token billing system . Egretia lớn ensure the global circulation of Egreten.Egretia has a well-established advertising platform to advertise games và products based on Egreten with strategic partners such as Facebook và Google.

The Egretia Features

Self-developed public chain

This public chain will be based on the delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism whose aim will be to optimize the HTML5 trò chơi performance. By use of the blockchain interface layer & the Egret engine tools, developers will quickly create blockchain-based DApps.

Consensus mechanism

The public chain on the Egretia platform will be using a delegated proof of stake as the consensus mechanism. This mechanism is similar to a board vote where coin holders will cast a certain number of nodes using the bookkeeping and verification mechanism.

High performance

The Egretia public chain will have concurrent processing power nguồn that allows for the optimization of performance for the needs of the trò chơi industry. It has fast transaction per second rate. With the use of the DPoS mechanism, scalability will be greatly increased making it possible for more than 2000 transactions to lớn be supported in the initial test chain. The TPS will be increased in future in line with the business needs.

Real-time parameter adjustment

Egretia will be able to change the system parameters without bifurcation. The platform will change the parameters via voting which will be based on consensus.

Efficient & convenient development suite

The tools of Egret that will be used in the Egretia platform lays a solid foundation for the blockchain project. This will make the blockchain application development convenient, simple & efficient.

Token Egreten?

The Egreten Token is used throughout the ecosystem và in the following cases:

Developers use well-built tools + SDK to quickly develop products that use Egreten token as a payment medium.Users can use Egreten to buy in-game items, pay for content, và so onUsers can use Egreten to lớn participate in lotteries, discounts và other promotions on Egretia around the world.The user can gain Egreten as a reward through participating in the crowdfunding of the trò chơi on Egretia.Developers, nội dung publishers can use Egreten lớn advertise on Egretia ads.Distributors can receive Egreten through the distribution of content, advertising, etc.Egreten electronic wallet is created based on the user’s chất lượng passport, to lớn securely store user’s virtual assets, crowdfunding rewards, platform rewards, etc.

Blockchain Egretia

The platform includes a blockchain- based development workflow , four chip core products & a technology incubator, providing comprehensive blockchainsolutions & services khổng lồ players, content providers , channels and advertisers, & build a perfect ecosystem. & the whole platform uses the proven DPOS consensus mechanism of speed và stability by Bitshare, EOS, và LISK.

These products include: Blockchain engine, game Engine, Trading Platforms, Advertising Platforms, Exchange Platforms & Storage.

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The project is expected to lớn create a separate blockchain but will also cover future blockchain ( Ethereum , EOS, …) và is considered a blockbuster ( BlockchainAs a Service) khổng lồ serve the gaming industry. Egret Tech currently holds more than 75% market nói qua in China. Egret Engine will provide the Egretia BaaS SDK, allowing easy access lớn the blockchain for all Egret games. Through the Egretia BaaS SDK, developers can create games on the blockchain or move the current Egretia trò chơi to blockchain easily.

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