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Poke dai Chien for android is a free strategy card game with Pokemon theme.


Poke dẻo Chien for app android is a miễn phí strategy thẻ game with Pokemon theme. Poke dai Chien for app android will bring you to the battle of monsters rich in shape và very powerful skins. Download the trò chơi Poke dai Chien for apk to show your tactical thinking ability in each Pokemon match.

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For those who love Pokemon Go games, Poke dai Chien for game android is a very famous name. Worth the experience. The trò chơi Poke dai Chien regularly updates pets, new skins give you more options for each battle.

Special features of the trò chơi Poke dai Chien for Android

Skillful 3d effects in every frame.Beautiful pet collection with hundreds of diverse và cute monsters.Over 2000 skills with 3d effects unique.Pets with a lot of similar attributes, chiến đấu hand.

Game of Poke dẻo Chien for Android

If Pokemon Go takes you everywhere lớn collect Pokemon, the game Poke dai Chien for apk will make it easy for you lớn have them more. We will participate in pokemon battles và capture them when we win.

In the trò chơi Poke dẻo Chien for app android you will become a pokemon trainer lớn train & find excellent pokemon. You will show off your ability lớn build legendary Pokemon squads & participate in Champion League, Inter-Server Battles khổng lồ win the Top.

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Lots of missions, attractive copies you can"t ignore if you love pokemon trò chơi genre. Tải về the trò chơi Poke dẻo Chien for app android to start participating in the fascinating battle of these special monsters.

New feature Poke dai Chien 6.2 - Age of Horse Racing

Add new pet

New pets will appear above version of Poke dẻo Chien 6.2: Nihilego, Lileep, Cradily, Shuckle, Lumineon, Baltoy, Claydol, Armaldo, Anorith, Bronzong, Bronzor

Add Dynamax resonant hegemony pet


Sword King Dynamax, Shield King Dynamax, Nihilego Conqueror, Groudon Conqueror, Ho-Oh Resonant, Ho-Oh Resonant Dynamax

New Features

Equestrian School will classify Pet"s class very nicely with very attractive racing screens.Clan Building will help Pets combine with split into different factions lớn fight.Adding Pokemon Ball function after wearing will grant more effects & battle appearance. Pets with shiny shadows will be given extra: Dam+5, Crit+5, Speed+5.

New Shop

New siêu thị Phenomenon will appear on Equestrian Era version.

New Fashion

Gladion Fashion Series Launch.

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More Features

Research Institute Pet Rescue, Adventure Team, Amazing Journey, League of NationsAdd Gemini avatar frame, Jirachi avatar frameAdventure Diary add pet địa chỉ cửa hàng plot copy pet primitive


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