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Do you know what Nigeria postal code is? The postcode is a certain indicator one uses khổng lồ deliver mail, parcels và big packages to the right place. If you wish to know what postal code Nigeria uses for delivery in your state, spare just 5 minutes khổng lồ discover it in this post.

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At present, the post departments receive plenty of parcels. Each of them requires correct shipping và proper attention. How vày the workers manage to cope with a considerable flow of mail without being confused? Is it magic?

Add this article khổng lồ your favourites khổng lồ have Nigeria post codes for all 36 states by h& right when you need it.

What is Nigeria postal code for 36 states

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Here is the danh sách of Nigeria combinations for all its states & FCT:

Abia – 440001Adamawa – 640001Akwa Ibom – 520001Anambra – 420001Baubỏ ra – 740001Bayelsa – 561001Benue – 970001Borno – 600001Cross River – 540001Delta – 320001Ebonyi – 840001Evì chưng – 300001Ekiti – 360001Enugu - 400001Gombe – 760001Imo – 460001Jigawa – 720001Kadumãng cầu – 700001Kano – 800001Katsimãng cầu – 820001Kebbi – 860001Kogi – 260001Kwara – 240001Lagos (mainland/island) – 100001/101001Nasarawa – 962001Niger – 920001Ogun – 110001Ondo – 340001Osun – 230001Oyo – 200001Plateau – 930001Rivers – 500001Sokokhổng lồ – 840001Taracha – 660001Yobe – 320001Zamfara – 860001

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The post codification Nigeria uses for Federal Capital Territory (FCT) is 900001.

What is the postal code definition and is it the same as ZIP code?

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The answer is quite simple. A postal code is a helping tool that allows post offices lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with parcel delivery by the address correctly.

According khổng lồ collinsdictionary.com, postal code is defined as a sequence that includes digits và letters, which is a part of an address of mail delivery.

In the USA, there are no postcodes. Instead, the country’s delivery system uses a ZIPhường. combination for the items from overseas và the inlvà areas. It is the only country where you can see the usage of ZIP codification.

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What is Nigeria ZIP code?

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What about Nigeria? Does it have a postcode or a ZIPhường codification? The notion of ZIP. in Nigeria is equal lớn the postal code. ZIP, postcode or postal code – all they denote the same idea. The primary function of this sequence of letters and numbers is khổng lồ serve for correct sorting of mail. It is usually required when you fill out the khung online while purchasing some products.


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What does it mean when a person says a “ZIPhường. codification”?

Z= zone;I = improvement;P. = plan code.

The Nigeria post codes comprise 6-digit numbers:

The first three stvà for the regional set of numbers (district for the outgoing sorting);The second three digits denote the delivery location (urban area or post office).

chú ý that if you choose the wrong number, you may face delivery delays.

Take a look at the example:

The code of Lagos State is 100001:

100 – the first three digits represent the state;001 – the last three numbers denote the head department in each region.

If you wish to lớn skết thúc a parcel, not to lớn the head office, but to another department in the area, you should find the combination of the necessary department.

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The các mục of Nigeria post codes is quite significant. You bởi vì not need lớn know it all by heart, because this post by webchiase.vn will always be here for reference. What you may need to lớn vì is to lớn memorise Nigeria postal code for your home page state.

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