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Raise đi với Giới từ gì? làm thế nào để minh bạch rise với raise? chắc chắn là là câu hỏi chung của nhiều người. Để đọc hơn về ý nghĩa, ngữ pháp cũng như cách sử dụng “Raise” trong giờ đồng hồ Anh như vậy nào, hãy cùng webchiase.vn tra cứu hiểu chi tiết ngay trong nội dung bài viết dưới đây.

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raise to

I was raised on a council estate in Manchester.

The president wasn’t even raised on Southern American food.

The target amount I am looking to raise on fund it is 7,000.

The amount raised on both sides of the river was $130 of which the Elgin House gave $50.

My brother was raised on cloth too, and we were both nhà vệ sinh trained just before our 2nd birthdays.

Philippine flags have been erected on some of the islets of the shoal, including a flag raised on an 8.

We’ve all been raised on television lớn believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, & movie gods, and rock stars.

PhilD says: The Muslims do not believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was crucified và was raised on the third day.

Comments I was raised on the coast of Oregon so I grew up thinking I had a pretty good handle on how to drive in the rain.

Banks talks about the real issues, the unseen daily occurrences experienced only through a childhood raised on the estate.

Healing cripples, raising from the dead.

Strikers were demanding salary raises from $625 khổng lồ $1,563.

You can find the evidence with the people Jesus raised from the dead.

Money raised from Clinton’s visit will be used to fund a community project in Israel.

The primary surplus was raised from three per cent to six per cent in one single year.

Senator, Michelle’s salary at the Medical Center was raised from $121,910 to $316,962.

The school’s management committee is already constructing a new toilet, through funds it raised from local donors.

Opposition can bring up such issues in the parliament, but this issues should also be raised from within the party.

What’s important is the contributors he’s leaving on the table, potentially for others to raise from in coming months.

Ready: We don’t have any immediate plans to raise money beyond the US$70 million that we’ve already raised from Accel and NEA.

A few points to raise with you Trev, 1.

I was raised with structure & routine.

And the concerns were raised with the council – but not by me.

Or maybe they were raised with the philosophy that if you never ask, you never get.

Randy on the other hand was raised with the idea that being sustainable is about giving something up.

These highly bred birds are adapted for large-volume intensive production, & must be raised with care.

A concern regarding an editor should be raised with the journal publisher or book commissioning editor at Emerald.

A lot of boring, white people do reject Christianity they were raised with and meet new people in college, for example.

Please be assured that your comments have been raised with the appropriate department for their further consideration going forward.

APD is forecast to raise about A2.

Questions can be raised about both of these claims.

Lastly, I was intrigued by the question raised about proximity.

An excellent point raised about the current trends of Gangster hip hop and rap music.

Within days of the assassination, questions were raised about who bore ultimate responsibility.

Secondly, concerns were raised about Wootton’s performance – which were duly communicated lớn her.

No useful purpose is served by not also putting khổng lồ rest questions raised about the future headship of the Commonwealth.

Eyebrows were raised about the staging of ErotICA, a two-day event which included seminars on how to lớn start a sex magazine.

US State Department Daily Briefing 08 February 2012 — Questions raised about the situation in Maldives Question: Maldives.

Similar concerns have been raised about Snecou in connection with billions of Naira in construction contracts in Bayelsa state.

The bar was raised for the presidential vote.

Leather Cows raised for both meat & milk are used lớn make leather.

Fiore completes his journey, with more than $65,000 raised for ICSF.

Hopefully lots of money was raised for V-Day to fight for women’s rights around the world.

Last year 45 thousand euro was raised for the charity after 10,000 batteries were collected.

Crops that could be used to feed the hungry are instead being used khổng lồ fatten animals raised for food.

He led the fight against Portuguese colonialism, introduced multi-party politics and was praised raising for living standards.

Following the use of soap the pH is raised for a few hours; this is much less pronounced if acidic synthetic detergents are used.

How much are you trying to raise for your current production and what will it go toward? I’d trying lớn raise $5,000 for this show.

OmniGraffle not displaying note content as a tool-tip on mouse-over has been raised for debate within the OmniGraffle development team.

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Personally, I was raised as a Jew.

The question has been raised as to how this budgeting approach applies to foreign aid to Israel.

That’s the lesson that comes from the studies of people of one sex who are raised as the opposite sex.

Until the hotel decide lớn take their own policy seriously then this will always be raised as a problem.

Our failure is raised as the Awful Cry of Art và Human Design and it is most potent in the form of Drama.

She had been raised as a Roman Catholic but, not being particularly devout, deferred khổng lồ Stephen’s wish for a Protestant ceremony.

When Mario was but a child his father died và he and his siblings were raised as the children of Willis Hoover and adopted his name.

The concept of Maori ownership of the country’s waterways was raised as the deadline for the partial sale of Mighty River power nguồn approached.

Although this is technically possible, questions would be raised as to why the boss wanted lớn be in the union, và therefore may be opposing rationale.

As a result, questions were raised as to unfair advantage in the bidding process, và the favor of the lease negotiations with the đô thị of Glendale came into play.

An alarm was raising at 9:30AM, but a search yielded no results.

This point was raised at the time of the Buddha & answered by one of his chief disciples, Ananda.

While debt can be raised at any stage of an enterprise’s life cycle, investors prefer a defined pathway.

The ship was en route from the Channel Island of Guernsey lớn Poole in Dorset when the alarm was raised at about 17:30 BST on Sunday.

If an objection is raised at this point, MPs will get another opportunity to vote on the cuts, but there is no provision for any further debate.

Many supporters shelled out thousands during the silent auction and even more money was raised at the live auction conducted by comedian Mark Curry.

The question is why that possibility was not raised at all while the other possibility, outrage over a video, was raised dozens of times that first week.

Key themes that were raised at the conference included education and awareness-raising, access to land and resources, and transparency in decision-making.

It seems appropriate therefore to raise at this stage the issue of what is termed xuất hiện Access (OA ), purely here in the context of the Chemical Semantic Web.

In 2009, half a million dollars were raised during the 3rd edition of the Walk.

The following observations have been raised during the quality assurance review of the engagement.

Subjects raised during Children’s Conservation Camp 2011 were reiterated & other subjects were discussed relating back to water and it’s importance in the environment.

It recently completed a Pay Raise Index report that found that, while women received numerically more pay raises during the first nine months of 2012, men earned larger compensation increases.

Ex: 1 (field-1) to lớn 4 (field-2) is 25 (field-3) to lớn 100 (%) Ex: Raise of $63 (field-1) on $1511 (field-2) is a 4.

Thus raising of school fees becomes easier, this is termed as secure investment since in the end you stand to benefit.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE ), including the SME board and the ChiNext board, recorded 88 đơn hàng with capital raised of US$7.

Such was the success of Norwich City, Queens Park Rangers and Swansea thành phố in 2011/12, the bar of expectation for promoted sides has been significantly raised of late.

He said the issues the striking doctors had raised of allowances & compensation for the self sponsored registrars could be negotiated while learning and service to patients was on going.

GIVING UPDATE Through your generous giving, we have to date managed to raise over Ksh.

Today, Plan raise over US$500 million every year to support its work in 49 developing countries.

Chicago teachers average 71K salary and have already negotiated 17% pay raises over the next 4 years.

Fears have been raised over the creation of nuclear hot spots in oceans and seas (Aumento & others 2006).

Questions have also been raised over the luminol findings as it also reacts in the presence of rust, detergent and fruit juice.

Slurs và jibes are exchanged with their political counterparts và temperatures become raised over their three course lunch and half bottle of wine.

If you go to NameCheap, they raised over 60K which means more than 30,000 GoDaddy domains transferred to them alone just on the 29th và I think Gandi was running a similar promotion.

Funds raised through Fund it will help us to cover many of these costs.

Half was raised through the game; the other half came through a matching donation from Vancouver musician Michael Buble.

Funds were raised through corporate sponsorships to run the Fire Kids safety workshops that are offered free to children.

The money raised through the 2012 campaign will directly fund a network of 200 health and social service agencies across Toronto.

This will allow you to see how much you can pay for with the money you already have, and how much money you need to raise through fundraising.

Funds will be raised through the selling of DoubleTree by Hilton Chocolate chip Cookies in tins autographed by some of the ATP World Tour professional tennis players.

A flag raising ceremony took place as a giant poster of Sing Sing was raised above the shopping center.

If all the low structures were raised above the threat level, there would be no need for dikes or sea walls.

I picked my way over corpse after corpse in the gloom, until I heard one voice raised above the gentle undulating moaning.

Partners need to raise above the board and not allow ego and superiority or inferiority complexes dictate their relationship.

Roof monitors A roof monitor consists of a flat roof section raised above the adjacent roof, with vertical glazing on at all sides of the raised bay.

For this reason very cheap jewelry, however, often is commonly a minor raised above the particular out the door cost from the finished is effective fashion.

Dealers said that SUVs have become important status symbols for affluent Chinese, who also feel safer while raised above the manic traffic of China’s cities.

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