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She is co-founder and CEO of The Rich Dad Company và a spirited advocate and educator of financial education.

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Since launching The Rich Dad Company with her husband, Robert, in 1996, Kim realized there was a huge void for women when it came to financial education. As Kim says, “When it comes to lớn money, what we women have been taught is khổng lồ not take care of ourselves, but khổng lồ depend upon a husband, family member or government for our financial well-being.”

“What we teach is not just about money, it’s about freedom; the freedom lớn live the life you want.”

When Kim (Meyer) Kiyosaki left her trang chủ in Oregon và moved to Hawaii khổng lồ attend college, she had no idea that her move to lớn the Islands would transform her life in every way... And set the course for a future that would transform the lives of millions. Lượt thích many college freshmen, she planned to lớn go to lớn school, graduate, get a job, work, và begin the steady climb to the vị trí cao nhất of some corporate ladder. That was the path she had been taught.



While working at an advertising agency in Honolulu, Kim discovered that she did not excel as an employee. She was actually fired not once, but twice. She also knew there had to lớn be something more to lớn life than going to work every day, getting a paycheck, & paying her bills. Her tìm kiếm began.

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And this is her journey…


Kim wanted her own business, but she did not grow up around business owners. In 1984 she met her husband-to-be, Robert Kiyosaki. He and his friends were all entrepreneurs of various businesses. They all encouraged and supported her in becoming an entrepreneur. She had her first business that year. From there she and Robert went on khổng lồ build several businesses, the most well-known và successful being The Rich Dad Company.


The first hàng hóa of The Rich Dad Company that she and Robert created was the CASHFLOW® board game. They wanted khổng lồ teach people about money and investing in a way that would be fun và entertaining. Kim’s vision is lớn have tens of thousands of CASHFLOW Clubs throughout the world, where people get together on a regular basis and teach one another the principles & real-world practices of financial education, investing, & financial freedom.

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Kim began investing in 1989 with a small 2-bedroom, 1-bath rental house in Portland, Oregon. Real estate is her investment of choice. Today Kim is a professional investor and, using the same formula as her first rental property, she & Robert have thousands of rental properties, as well as hotels, golf courses, commercial properties, và other business investments.

The bottom line, says Kim, is that, “Rich Dad & Rich Woman are not just about being financially rich. We’re about being rich in all ways possible.”


Kim is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, internationally renowned speaker và author of Rich WomanIt’s Rising Time!

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Cash Flow vs Capital Gains: Understanding the 2 Types of Investment Income

Written by Kim Kiyosaki | March 31, 2022
Episode Description: Join Rich Dad Co-Founders, Robert & Kim Kiyosaki, along with their special guests the Real Estate Guys, Russell Gray và Robert Helms, as well as Cryptocurrency expert, Jeff Wang for an insightful discussion.

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