How to reinstall samsung pay on your galaxy s7 or s7 edge


It’s pretty clear that Samsung Pay is the best Smartphone payments service in the world. Samsung’s solution for buying things with your phone is supported just about anywhere because of its ability lớn work with old và new terminals at checkout. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 và Galaxy S7 Edge, in addition khổng lồ last year’s flagships, have sầu both NFC & MST technology khổng lồ allow Samsung Pay to be supported by more merchants than Apple Pay và Android Pay.

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Want to start using Samsung Pay wherever you shop? Let’s get it phối up on your phone.

The requirements for Samsung Pay khổng lồ be used come down to device, carrier, và bank/issuer tư vấn. While you can read a full list of tư vấn, I’ve included a brief overview of what you’ll need.

Supported devices:

Supported carriers:

AT&TCricket WirelessMetroPCSSprintT-MobileVerizonU.S. Cellular

Supported banks/issuers:

Bank of AmericaCitiChaseU.S. BankAmerican ExpressWells Fargo

Now it’s time lớn launch Samsung Pay on your phone.

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See? That wasn’t so hard. Setting up Samsung Pay is as easy as using it. The next time you’re out shopping, just give sầu it a try. Swipe up from the bottom of the display và your thẻ will appear. Then use your fingerprint or input đầu vào a PIN to give sầu Samsung Pay the green light to lớn submit payment information at checkout. You’ll get whatever it is that you bought và walk away in less time than it takes to lớn sift through your wallet for cash or cards lớn hand over.

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