Student affairs là gì


The Office of Student Affairs provides counsel and support to the’s Rector in managing và supporting graduate và postgraduate students (mentioned as students afterward), implementing one-door mechanism in public administration and expanding the alumni network of the University.Quý Khách vẫn xem: Student affairs là gì

2. Responsibilities:

The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for the following tasks:

a) Political & ideological activities:

- Implementing policies & guidelines of the Party, laws of the Government and regulations of Ministry of Training và Education and Vietnam giới National University, Hanoi on student affairs;

- Building the plan on education of politics & ideology for students of the University, implementing the approved program and plan in the University;

- Conducting the political meetings at the beginning of the school year, organizing the education of Resolutions of the Party, extra-curricular political activities for students & other activities during the school year.

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- Monitoring ideology of students and proposing policies và reasonable measures to lớn solve related problems.

b) Student affairs:

- Being responsible for the admission of students after annual entrance exams, making pre – entry inspection and proposing resolutions for students who fail lớn meet the required conditions, procedures and records of the University.

- Organizing the opening ceremonies, graduation và commencement ceremonies at different levels.

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- Managing records of students (including updating & managing records, decisions on rewards và punishment of the University, students’ profiles & decisions on academic termination or postponement).

- Taking care of rewards, punishment, disciplines & training points according lớn existing rules.

- Carrying out conferral of academic encouragement scholarships, state-funded scholarships & VNU scholarships (including tuition exemptions, support for students with difficult circumstances etc.)

- Collaborate with other authorities to solve insurance policies for students and conduct healthcare & physical damage insurance for students

- Handling the issues of military tasks of the students,

- Solving the administrative procedures for graduates và transferred students

- Checking attendance, watching the lecture hall, monitoring regulations & transferring the results to lớn the Office of Academic Affairs.

- Informing extra classes khổng lồ Office of General Administration for arrangement of lecture halls.

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- Giving information from the University to students;

c) One-door mechanism in public administration

- Confirming policies, receiving preferential allowances for students;

- Confirming the administrative sầu procedures for students: postponement of military task; physical insurance, parcel receiving etc;

- Issuing introductory letters for students in doing retìm kiếm, internship và final thesis etc;

- Receiving records from students’ residential areas;

- Making student cards;

- Returning student files after graduation.

d) Alumni activities:

- Conducting alumni activities (updating information, contacting và managing the database of alumni)

- Expanding the network of alumni to tư vấn academic, research, partnership development and public relations of the University

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